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Crepe Paper Anemones

Instructor: Eileen Riley

Ages: 15 & up

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd NB

Format: 3 hour workshop

Date: Friday, May 3rd

Time:  6:00 to 9:00

Fee: $55 registration.  All materials included.  Extra Fine Crepe Paper, Heavy Crepe Paper, 18 Gauge Floral Wire, Floral Tape, 24 Gauge Green Floral Wire, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Pastels, Double sided Crepe Paper ,1/4 Inch Foam Balls, scissors, glue, tools.  

Crepe Paper Anemones

  • Eileen is a fantastic instructor and I still cannot believe that I made thse gorgeous, lifelike flowers with my own hands.  I recommend this class 150%.  I want to make ALL the flowers !!  Quote from a satisfied customer of Eileen and NBACE !! 

    In this class we will cut and shape the Hibiscus petals and create the stamens using crepe paper. Then we will assemble the flowers using hot glue, floral wire, and floral tape. Last, we will put the flowers into a small vase.  Students will make up to 3 gorgeous flowers each.  

  • Eileen Riley is a life-long student of the arts. Growing up in rural, Westport, Massachusetts, Eileen's backyard became her inspiration. The ocean, wooded retreats, farmland, and suburbia acted as a springboard for her past and current work. From an early age she wanted to become an artist and took advanced art classes at the local university when she was twelve. This gave her the confidence she needed to succeed in her dream. She went to the University of Massachusetts to study fine art with a concentration in sculpture. After college she spent time as a potter and artist mentor. She then settled into a five-year position as an art teacher at Bishop Stang High School. There she taught three-dimensional design, photography and drawing and painting. She also created set designs for the school’s drama and administration departments. Ms. Riley continues to develop her craft and shows her work regularly at art galleries in New Bedford and Fall River, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. She also does commissioned work of various kinds. She submerges herself in art, teaching private lessons and continuing to study art by taking classes and staying current in art by visiting a vast number of galleries and art museums wherever she goes, for inspiration. Eileen is currently researching art residencies in the United States.

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