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Basic Embroidery ~ Creating Stitch by Stitch

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Ages: 10 up

Format: Three ~ 1 1/2 hour workshops ~ choice of 2  three workshop sessions.

Dates:  Wednasdays, March 5, 12, 19th.  

Time:  3:00 to 4:30

Course Fee: $75.00.  We'll supply all the materials you'll need for this workshop:  Fabric, Embroidery hoops, embroidery floss, patterns, needles, scissors, seam ripper, thimbles.  

Basic Embroidery ~ Creating Stitch by Stitch

  • My mum taught me to embroider after her having taken a class in 1975, much like this one we're offering today.  She designed the piece for me to make, and bought me the stuff to make it.  It remains one of my fondest memories with her, and one of the sweetest ways to use a needle and thread in order to create gorgeous pieces of functional or decorative craft.  In the first class, we'll show you as many stitches as we are able, you'll choose one of the floral designed pieces.  Each flower has it's own stitches (some borrow from the others), and the more variety, the more stitches you'll learn.   At first, you'll watch as we demonstrate different petal, stem and leaf techniques, then you'll dive in and practice on your own pieces.  We'll demonstrate countless flowers, as they lend themselves to an inumerable variety of stitches, we can add flying insects and maybe embellished initial lettering.  These will teach the most stitches, and help you with your consistent practice.  In the 2nd and 3rd classes, we'll learn how to transfer an original design to fabric, and you'll learn more and different stitches and continue with your pieces.   You will learn the infinitly versatile art of needle and thread Embroidery.  Learn some or all of these stitches as you begin to create a beautiful, framable piece.  Soon, you'll be wanting to decorate pillows, clothing, curtains, towels, you name it. You will learn some of all of the following:

    1. Backstitch
    2. Chain stitch
    3. Running stitch
    4. Satin stitch
    5. Split stitch
    6. Stem stitch
    7. Detached chain stitch
    8. Feather stitch
    9. Fly stitch
    10. Cross Stitch
    11. Herringbone stitch
    12. Buttonhole stitch
    13. Couching stitch
    14. Lazy daisy stitch
    15. Chevron stitch
    16. Whipped backstitch
    17. Colonial knot
    18. French knot
    19. Coral stitch
    20. Fern stitch
    21. Padded satin stitch
    22. Pistil stitch
    23. Scroll stitch
    24. Double running stitch
    25. Couching
  • Karen Charbonneau Zukas is a graduate of Tufts university and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a master’s degree in education from Western New England University. She is a recognized portrait painter and potter and former columnist for the Bulletin in Boston. She has been teaching various subjects, primarily advanced ESL, fine art, writing, test prep, debate and humanities; at universities, preparatory, public, private and international schools and community ed in Boston and now locally for over 35 years. She and her family moved back to the south coast in 2013. She is currently working on a book which is a series of short animal stories from her personal experiences. She is the proprietor of Peasantware Pottery in New Bedford and the founder of The New Bedford Art and Cultural Emporium at Kilburn ! Email: 

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