Fimo Clay Fun - gus Workshop

Instructor: Diana Painter

Ages: 14 and Up

Location: 101 W. Rodney French Blvd.  Studio 260 (Enter on north end of building/door #4 - go upstairs, right through door, right at very end of hall - Studio 260 last door on right).

Format: 2 hour workshop

Date: Saturday, August 20th

Time:  1:00 a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Fee: $ 40.00  Includes Fimo clay, tools and jewelry findings.  SUMMER SPECIAL !!  Bring a friend for 50% OFF !!  

Fimo Clay Fun - gus Workshop

  • Diana will take you through the fun of Fimo clay, a colorful, polymer, malliable, heat drying modelling clay.  We will use it to make as many adorable mini-mushrooms of all sorts from morrels to amanita muscaria as you like.  She will take you through the process of usage and sculpting.  You can be as simple or as detail oriented as you like.  These little cuties will endure for years to come.  You can make them into earrings, ornaments or pendants, or leave them just as they are.  They make wonderful keepsakes, gifts or you can even get enterprising and sell them !  

  • Diana grew up in Idaho and began taking adult art classes at age 12.  She was always very interested in art, and learned to tan leather, do traditional shoshoni beadwork, and make clay jewelry.  She graduated early from high school to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles CA.  After graduating, she worked in the fashion industry, but then returned to Idaho to earn a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Women's Studies and was 2 courses short of a second minor in art with a focus on metalwork.  Diana continues to sew with a passion for empowering women by putting pockets in women's clothing.  In 2015, she ws crowned "Mother Earth" by Sustainable Southcoast.  Since then, she has also created resin and clay sculptures which act as awards for the yearly AHA !! Earth Eve parade and event.  She continues to combine mediums and experiment with resin for interesting and unique projects.