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FLIPBOOK Animation ~Fun and fascinating !

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Ages: 10  to Adults

Format: 2 1/2 hour workshop

Date: Thursday, April 18th

Time:  10 - 12:30

Course Fee: $35.00 !  Includes all materials.  

Flip books, light boxes, Index cards, clamps, pencils, markers.  

FLIPBOOK Animation ~Fun and fascinating !

  • We have the flip books, just bring your imagination ! Do you have a cartoon character hiding in you?  Introduce them here !  If you don't, that's Okay too... We'll help you to get your ideas out there.  Take the class once and draw flip books for a lifetime !!  I remember the first time a classmate (or was it one of my 6 siblings) showed me their flip book, it was probably drawn as a doodle, page by page at the bottom of one of our school books, totally illegal...which added to the fun of it !  Anyway, I've never stopped being fascinated by people's imaginations when making modern day flip books.  It's wonderful to take a workshop and learn the basics of how to consistently and effectively draw one of these little funnies to share with friends and family.  Learn the secrets of bounce and stretch, anticipation, the element of surprise and more as we go step by step, page by page through these wonderful homemade animations.  Moments of entertainment can be worth every smile they bring.  They don't need to be sophisticated, so even if you can't draw well, don't let that stop you, some of the best renderings come from simple stick figures.  Come and join in the fun.  

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