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Flower Press ~ Assemble and Design your own !!

Instructor:  Karen Charbonneau Zukas

Ages:  Adults

Format:  2 1/2 hour workshop

Date Saturday, May 11th

Time:  10:00 to Noon

Course Fee: $75.00  Includes all tools and materials to make a Flower Press.  Two Pre cut, drilled huge 12" squares  ~ 3/4 " plywood, sanded and beveled, four 8" Bolts, 4 Wingnuts, Corrugated Cardboard, sand paper, glue, design materials, paints, some fabrics, dried flowers, stamps and stencils.  If you have your own ideas for design and decorating and want to bring your own stamps, stencils, paints, fabrics etc., you are welcome to.  We have brushes, pallets etc.  Please begin thinking of your design.  These are the Cadilacs of Flowr Presses !!

Flower Press ~ Assemble and Design your own !!

  • Not to boast or anything, but the quality of materials of this flower press is Heirloom.  It is far better than anything you can buy on Amazon or Etsy or anywhere else we've found, and they can be passed down generationally along with the love of this gorgeous past time of collecting and drying flowers and herbs and leaves.  You’ll make your own personalized flower press from precut 12” X 12” , 3/4 inch plywood, with four 8” bolts and wingnuts for maximized space and easy opening/closure.  You’ll start right in designing your press; whether by  Painting, doing decoupage, using fabric to cover, stenciling or stamping, then applying a finish to your one of a kind beauty. You’ll then shape corrugated cardboard as layers for your press and finally you’ll assemble and be on your way to pressing countless layers of gorgeous flowers, freshly picked for 3 seasons by you !  Never throw away your store bought bouquets either or those fleeting annuals.  You'll find it hard to drive past a field of wildflowers without stopping to save some.  The sky's the limit !!  


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