Giant Paper Mache Head Masks

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Ages: 10 up

Format:  4week class /  2-hour sessions

Date:  Wedsdays, Ongoing through April, May and June !!

Time:  4:00 to 6:00 pm.

Course Fee: $75.00 for 4 weeks !  Most Materials included - Decorative materials will be up to you.  

Giant Paper Mache Head Masks

  • What could be more celebratory than donning a giant head?  You'll learn the fine art of Papier Mache using a giant 3' balloon, paper, glue, paint and any objects you can find to enhance your imagination, the sky is the limit with how outrageous you can be.  They can be funny or goulish, strange or cutesie.  They're not just for Halloween, but can be worn as a statement, or to celebrate Mardi Gras, as a disguise to surprise your friends, or just a fabulous ornament around the house.  Whether human, animal or alien, these masks are striking and can be worn for generations.  We will have a giant head parade on March 1st, occidental Mardi Gras !!  Bring a friend or make some while your creating.  Your mask is only limited by your imagination.