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Meet the Tailor !  Learn to hem garments today.

Instructor:  Barbara Corey

Ages: Adults

Location: 127 West Rodney French Blvd NB - Studio 260

Format:  2 hour workshop

Date:   Thursday, April 11th

Time:  1:30 to 3:30

Fee:  $45 .  Bring in a couple of items that need attention.  See Class description below.


Meet the Tailor ! Learn to hem garments today.

  • Sam, You made the Pants Too Long !!  If you are petite, or just have pants, dresses or skirts that are just too long, learn the fundamentals of hemming your garments with our resident Tailor !  You'll learn to measure, mark and pin, then to sew it up.  Either by hand sewing or on the machine (depending on the garment). Bring your mending/tailoring needs to NBACE on Thursday, April 11th between 1:00 to 3:30 and be amazed as Master Tailor, Barbara Cory fixes those garments right up for the price of the class ( within reason ). She'll work with you to sew those buttons, patch your wear and tear, sew up those seams, hem those pants, take up those sleeves, take in that waist, let out those hips, whatever the need be, she'll hook you up with the right solution. Any and all garments welcome (no fur please).  You'll become a master yourself at hemming and having your clothes at just the right length. No more ragged bottoms or that careless, unkempt look.  Spiff it up, it's not that hard !  It's a money saving skill that you can teach your children and others but most importantly learn to sew from one of the premier Master Tailor, and seamstresses from Nordstrom's, Barbara Cory.     

  • Bring in a couple of items that need hemming, and you'll be guided through the process.  Please bring matching thread, scissors, straight pins, a tape measure, seam ripper, pin cushion all in a little sewing box if you have one, otherwise, a baggie will do !!  Don't worry too much, we'll have some materials here to help you.  

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