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Paperwhites - Crepe Paper marvels

Instructor: Eileen Riley

Ages: 15 & up

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd NB - Studio 260

Format: 3 hour workshop

Date:  Friday, January 26th

Time:  6:00 to 9:00

Fee: $55 All Materials included !

JOIN the FLOWER of the MONTH CLUB 2024 To join, just continue to take the flower classes, every class you take, you will receive a $5 discount toward the next flower class...if you take them all, this is what it will look like: (Jan. is $55, Feb. $50, March $45, April $40, May, $35, June, $30, July $25, August, $20, Sept $15, October $10, November $5 and December is FREE !!)  ...that is a substantial discount, and you'll have an array of incredibly hand crafted flowers to keep or to share.  Try one, you'll get addicted !  

Paperwhites - Crepe Paper marvels

  • Paperwhites are a gorgeous bulb flower relative of the daffodill and narcissus.   Imagine giving these heart felt hand made beauties as a gift to anyone.  In this class we will cut and shape the petals and construct the stamens using crepe paper. Then we will assemble the flowers using tacky or hot glue, floral tape, floral wire, and embroidery thread. Last, we will add stems an leaves.  Students will make up to 4 gorgeous flowers each complete with a little holder.

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