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PET PORTRAITS in Acrylic Paint/Markers

Instructor: Danya Bichsel

Ages: 15 up

Format:  2 1/2  hour workshop

Date Sunday, MAY 26th

Time:  1:00 to 3:30

Course Fee: $45.  Includes use of all materials.  Substrate (canvas or paper) Acrylic Paints, brushes, paper, pallette, easels, rags and water cups.  Please bring a color print of a photo of your pooch or kitty.  No problem if you don't have a way to print it up.  Please send a color photo via text 774 628 6415 after you register, and we'll print it up for you !!  


PET PORTRAITS in Acrylic Paint/Markers

  • We all love our pets at least to the moon and back. What better way to honor them than to pour our love into a painted portrait? In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to pet portraiture. We will use acrylic paint on an 8” x 10” sheet of painting paper. While working from a photograph of my own dog, I will walk you through the steps necessary to make a pet portrait come alive. Since each photo is different, I will give generalized tips, as well as specific feedback for each pet and portrait. Paintbrushes, paint, and paper will be provided, but please come to class with a physical copy of your pet’s photograph, and we'll make this easy for you:  OR : Please text a copy of your photo to 774 628 6415 right after you register, and we'll print it up for you in color beforehand !!  (we cannot do it during class) as you'll need an exact 8" X 10" copy of your photo so you won't have to resize up or down while transfering the photo to the drawing paper.  We will be using a tracing technique to get the outlines down.   These portraits make beautiful wall decorations or thoughtful gifts!  Some painting knowledge and experience is preferred. 


    Danya Bichsel is a 22-year-old artist who grew up in Mattapoisett, MA. She has been creating art her whole life and started to take it seriously in high school. She graduated from UMass Amherst with a BFA in Art Education and a minor in Art History. While obtaining her degree, she student taught at Ware Junior/Senior High School, where she guided students in creating projects with paint, printmaking, clay, and more. She specializes in painting, drawing, and hand lettering, but has also recently gotten into pottery and darkroom photography. Sharing her passion for art is what makes her feel most inspired in this world. 

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