Watercolor Greeting Cards

Instructor: Karen Charbonneau Zukas

Ages: 15 up

Format:  2 1/2 hour workshop

Dates:  Tuesday ~ August 16th

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 

Course Fee: $ 45  includes all materials   ~  Summer Special !~ Bring a friend for 50% off !!


Watercolor Greeting Cards

  • Do you like receiving cards in the mail?  Well, so does everyone else !  It's becoming a rare practice,  but there's nothing like a home made card to touch your heart in a warm and soulful way.  Never have to run out to the store again to buy a card for someone's birthday, Get well, Happy Barmitzvah, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Graduation,You got engaged, married, fired, divorced!  Learn how delightful it is to create these satisfying little works of art.  Whether you've painted with watercolors or not, this class is for you.  Using simple, attractive images that we have, or that you've brought in, you'll practice watercolor techniques and approaches to get differing effects, brush strokes, wet on wet, wet on dry, identifying which are the best brushes for the job and bleeding techniques along with color studies and composition, perspective etc. All the while creating beautiful works which will touch the hearts of whomever receives them, or keep them for your portfolio or frame them for gifts or to beautify your favorite rooms.