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We've got the BEAT !!  Learn Bongos/Conga and hand held percussion

Instructor: Aimee Forman, Karen Zukas and special guests

Ages:  10 and up

Format:  2 hour workshop 

Date:  Saturday, March 16th

Time:  1:00am to 3:00p.m.

Course Fee:  $35.  Bring older kids, teens, friends, family, neighbors and your energy !     

We've got the BEAT !! Learn Bongos/Conga and hand held percussion

  • This is a fun and energetic, interactive workshop where you'll learn the fundamentals of several musical beats, starting out with simple counting, then on to stressed counting then on to the joy of rhythmic beats learning as many of the following as possible with the time we have:  Funk, Rock, Disco, HipHop, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, Syncopation, Upbeat, Downbeat,  and probably some others thrown in for good measure (musical pun intended !).  We'll do this by playing familiar songs then playing along to them. We'll also give you a demonstration of how to play each instrument.  Learn the essentials of rythm and beat with half Brazilian songstress Aimee Forman.   Exercise your inner Bambam while learning to play together and then learning to stop together.  We'll share for the time, our life long collection of simple drums and handheld percussion instruments and involve you all in a play along JAM !  We'll use our heads, hands and hearts to play together and enjoy the music while participating in it first hand.  The point is learning through a slightly controlled kinetic and fun experience.  The point is to taste the excitement of playing percussion.

  • Aimee Forman was born and raised in the Boston Area where she began to study percussion in her teens.  She has been playing ever since and enjoys all forms of drumming from drum sets to bongos, congas, toms and anything you can shake or twist or tap in order to make noise and rhythm.  She plays mostly for pleasure and past time, but has enjoyed local collaborations with colleagues friends and enjoys sharing her skills at camps and other youth organizations.  She is currently a teaching assistant in New Hampshire. 

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