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Founded in 2021 during the tail end of the pandemic, The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium at Kilburn Mill is an enriching and enlivening cultural education center for all.  Our intent is to offer a location for folks to express themselves, satisfy the life long learner in you and to share experiences and skills, to match artists with the needs of the general public and to encourage the artist and cultural seeker in all of you.  We almost always supply the tools and materials needed to produce what you need, so you can experiment with skills without having to invest before you're sure you'll like it.  We offer something for everyone and are an amalgamation of fellow artists, artisans, alchemists, academics, skilled laborers, educators and humanitarians in the greater New Bedford area who are offering to share their skills and talents to the general public.  Our programs features classes and workshops which are often seasonally based and unique and varied in scope.  they are taught by a variety of skilled and talented local individuals. Sometimes students take workshops to accompany or please a friend, but become enraptured by it and start a new hobby.  You never know what you'll enjoy until you try.  I can't tell you how many people say to me, "I can't draw a straight line", but are thrilled with what they produce after a couple of short hours !  You’ll be amazed with our educational repertoire and other offerings. It is a true cultural center. Keep checking in on a regular basis, as we change it up often and come up with fun and exciting adventures that are always worth a try.  If you have a skill you'd like to share, please come to us and we'll help you become an instructor ! We are loyal to our students and try and go above and beyond to please everyone (we like that).

We Offer:
  • Classes and Workshops in Fine art, Fine Crafts Humanities and Culture

  • Organized Social Activities

  • Private and Group Parties and classes

  • We match Artists with the public's needs - Do you need a painting or mural, set of hand thrown dishes or mugs or anything else, a piece of furniture refinished or painted etc., etc., etc....

  • Corporate Bonding Event

  • See our Protocol/ Classes and Workshops / Free Happenings and Private Bookings on the menu bar above for more details.

...And Learn Some More

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