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CJW1521 - Make a spoon ring

Spoon rings are making a serious comeback, and now you can make one for yourself and/or a friend !! Just bring your ambition and Beth will lead you through the process of making one or two of these unique fashion statements. You’ll use a vice to bend and shape your ring to fit your size. Using silver plate or silver utensils (your choice) and a hand file, the proper vice and a mallett, depending on your skill, you will make one or two rings.

Instructor Bio


Beth Brissen Kirk is a multimedia artist who has been creating since early childhood. She has abilities in many disciplines of fine art, but in this course, she will be teaching you a simple form of metal smithing by making spoon rings. She has been making rings for over 30 years. Beth has earned three degrees in fine art. A BFA from Illinois State College, Carbondale, a fifth year certificate from The School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and an MFA in design from Southeastern Mass University (UMass Dartmouth). Though she has much education, she feels that she’s become really good at teaching herself. She has taught at the SMFA, SMU and NB Voc Tech. Beth currently has a studio at Kilburn and creates as the spirit moves her.



Beth has lots of silver plated silverware that she will sell to you for $3.00 each. You may also bring your own silver plated or sterling silverware if you prefer. She will generously let you use her tools with her instruction and supervision as well.


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