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Mon, Jul 10


Kilburn Mill ~ New Bedford, MA.

2023 Indoor Mural Slam Competition !! Sponsored by The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium at Kilburn Mill

Deadline to apply: SEPTEMBER 8th !! THREE murals to be painted at the Kilburn Mill, Each Juried Finalist will earn $1,500.00. Click "Buy Tickets" to READ DETAILS and to apply (we are not selling tickets, it is how the website sends you go to read all the details and to pay the $25 application fee)

Deadline moved to Sept. 8th, but must register under classes/workshops for now. THANKS.
please go to our website.
2023 Indoor Mural Slam Competition !!  Sponsored by The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium at Kilburn Mill
2023 Indoor Mural Slam Competition !!  Sponsored by The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium at Kilburn Mill

Time & Location

Jul 10, 2023, 12:00 AM – Oct 14, 2023, 5:00 PM

Kilburn Mill ~ New Bedford, MA., 127 W Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02744, USA

About the event

Opportunity for local artists !

First Annual Juried Indoor Mural Slam Competition at The Kilburn Mill.

Through generous grants from The Massachusetts Cultural Council and ARTnet,

The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium would like to announce and invite All Artists from New Bedford, Dartmouth, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, Fall River, Westport, Freetown, Wareham, Acushnet and Fairhaven; ages 18 and up to submit original mural creations to our

Contestant Submissions, Selection of the THREE Finalists to Paint the Murals.

$1,500.00 each awarded to 3 Finalists on completion of their murals.


This 2023 Indoor Juried Mural Slam Competition was originally announced as having 5 murals a stipend for materials and cash prize winners, that format has been changed for the better to 3 murals and NO cash prizes, however, EACH winning finalist will receive $300.00 for materials and $1,200.00 upon completion of their murals, for a total of $1,500.00 each; so, if you are chosen, you have already won.  We will have an additional public opinion vote when murals are complete for first, second and third place which will be a "Vanity Award" with no further compensation, at our Meet the Artist and See the Murals Event on Saturday, October 14th.   Details to follow.

All details including Timeline, Application, Suggestions for which Medium to use, Details and Criteria for Initial Jurying, Artist's Responsibilities, Distribution of funds etc. listed below....keep scrolling !  It is easier than you think to apply and to WIN !!

Lots of info and details follow.  We recommend reading ALL of the info, just to be sure that you will qualify, especially the time line, criteria etc., how to apply etc.  This website calls the application fee a "ticket".  We are not selling any tickets, but there is no other vocab available when setting up the site.


This is our first annual (God willing) Indoor Mural Slam...what IS a Mural Slam?  It is a fast paced mural painting competition (fast in that you'll have 2 solid days to complete your mural).   


Anyone and everyone over the age of 18 from the above mentioned towns can apply, who has artistic ideas, general skills, confidence in their talent and work, and an ability and willingness to paint a mural in a 5x7 (or larger if you choose) format directly on a wall.  You can't win if you don't try.  3 people WILL win a chance to paint a mural and be paid $1,500, and no one knows who.  Read this if you're afraid to enter:     It could help you decide if you're ready or not.

There will be Threee (3) Artists chosen to complete One of THREE ~ 5 x 7 foot murals (or larger if you choose) each throughout The Kilburn Mill at designated indoor areas.

Now is your chance to shine ! Come One Come All; it’s time to showcase your talents. Submit for JURY up to three (3) 5” X  7 “ thumbnail sketches of your original artwork with your application.  You may be one of the THREE selected finalists to participate.

Each of the 3 chosen, juried Finalist Winners will earn $1,500.00 for painting their murals !!   Each artist chosen by jury, will receive, upon remission of receipts, $300 toward materials and supplies , then the remaining $1,200.00 upon completion of the Mural, OR the $1,500.00 can be paid all at once upon completion of mural. 

A $25 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with each applicant. Each application includes professional jurying of up to THREE thumbnail sketches and a chance to earn $1,500.00.

THREE final Contestants will be selected and announced on Friday, September 8th .  Applications are  available NOW ! until August 25th. - Scroll down for application and application process.

Murals will be painted on the weekend of OCTOBER 6th, 7th and 8th, no exceptions. 

The Murals will then be officially opened to the public for popular vote by the public in the following week.  Then, A Vanity Awards Ceremony for final popular vote winners , along with a Meet the Artists and See the Murals Event will take place on Saturday, October 14th  at the Kilburn Mill.  Details to follow.  Artists, their family and friends, runner ups, the judges, and the adoring public are all invited.  The press will attend this event.

First Annual Juried Indoor Mural Slam Competition

The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium ~ NBACE ~ The Kilburn Mill

101 to 127 W. Rodney French Blvd.  Studio 260

New Bedford, MA. 02744

774 628 6415



Here is a general outline of our competition, all details, regulations and criteria can be found here as you scoll down.  Please read all info !

This is a JURIED art competition.  There will be THREE MURALS painted at the Kilburn Mill.  You may be chosen as one of the Artists !!

The first annual Indoor Mural Slam offered in New Bedford.  It will take place indoors at the Kilburn Mill at various locations from 101 to 127 W. Rodney French Blvd.

It is open to professional and non professional artists within the greater New Bedford area.   Any current residents of New Bedford, Fall River, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Westport, Freetown, Acushnet, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester or Wareham may apply.

Finalists will earn $1,500.00 in total to complete their mural.

Application/Submission Non-refundable fee is $25.  Includes professional jurying of up to 3 thumbnail submissions, A chance to win $1,500.00 !  Special mention at our meet the artists event.



You do NOT have to submit 3 idea images, but you may submit up to 3.  They should be 3 DIFFERENT images, not 3 of the same image.  The images should be 5 x 7 inch thumbnail  “replicas” of your future mural.  Please try as close as possible to make your prototype as identical to the mental image of your finished mural.  If you plan on using acrylic paint, use acrylic paint to do your prototype, , if it’s paper collage, do a tiny-ish paper collage..  You have a better chance of winning if your images are as close to your mural.  All we need are your image idea (s), we don’t need to see your portfolio, if you win as a finalist, we’ll ask you to submit some images of your other works if you choose to.

Each Artists may submit up to Three 5 X 7 inch sketches

Submissions will be accepted from NOW until September 8th.

Winning Finalists will be announced on September 15th.

All applications will be carefully considered.  Application below...Scroll down.

A $25 application fee must closely accompany your application. click Buy Tickets (this is the application fee submission).  We are not selling tickets, it is just the vocabulary that the Website allows.

You need to submit 1.  your images and  2.   the image information, (see below) 3.  the completed application, 4.   a biography of yourself 1 to 5 paragraphs and  5.  a resume or CV or experiential summary; Don’t let this step intimidate you, whether you are a professional artist or not, will NOT affect the jurying process, just a way to help us get to know our possible contestants.  (We love a hairdresser, lawyer, fireman, social worker, engineer or farmer who also makes art !!).

Submit application (scroll below to find application) by cutting and pasting to a word or google doc., printing it up, filling it out and then photographing it and sending TEXTS to 774 628 6415, include your experiential summary or resume, your biography (can be as long as 5 paragraphs, or as short as one) and up to 3 sketch images (jpeg or pdf) along with clear image info (in bullets below) per sketch.  

OR send your images and image info, resume, biography and completed application (application is not fillable on line, so you'll have to cut and paste) as attachments, IN ONE EMAIL  to

OR, submit a printed out paper application form, bio, resume or equivilent and images with image info, mail postmarked by August 25th, to NBACE c/o Karen Zukas at 148 Butler St. New Bedford, MA. 02744

Please include for EACH idea (sketch) image, clearly designated as to which info belongs to which photo: ( or written on the back if paper submission) the following:Artist’s name

Artist’s mailing address

Cell phone number


Title of work

Size - 5 X 7 foot is minimum requirement of the mural,  you may make the mural  larger if you prefer, all payments remain the same.

Also must include the general chosen method in which you will transfer your image onto the wall.

Your 5x7” submissions will be returned to you if you provide a self addressed, stamped envelope.

All murals must be a near to exact replica of your 5x7” thumbnail.


 Our Esteemed Judges

Michael Hecht 

John Jameson 

Patricia Kellogg

Deborah Macy

Eileen Riley

Karen Charbonneau Zukas 

A panel of professional artist jurors will choose the final 3 contestants.  Each chosen finalist must respond immediately to accept, and will schedule an interview with Administration to sign forms/waivers/contracts and see their spaces on Monday, September 18th.

Distribution of funds:  An initial $300 stipend will be given upon remission of receipts to each Artist (Each juried artist = one individual who may have up to 2 volunteer assistants ) for materials, tools and supplies.  Then the remaining $1,200 will be given upon completion of Mural.

Contestants will  then proceed in one dynamic weekend - One 6 hour block on Friday, 10/6  for preparation of space and transfer of design, then two 12 hour days for painting - Saturday, Oct. 7 and Sunday, October 8 to complete their murals.

Once the murals are completed, dried and sealed, the general public (people's choice) will be invited in to see the murals and to submit their popular vote.  The public will have 1 week; October 9 through 14th to vote for the winners, this will take place by ballot box, or through email. Judges will also vote, and together with popular vote, winners will be chosen.  There will be no further cash prizes. 

There will be an Event at The Kilburn Mill on October 14th to Introduce Muralists, See the Murals, and announce the popular vote of first, second and third place winners ~ 

Local and online media will cover the event.


Monday, July 10th  through Friday, August 25th - Applications accepted online or by mail.

Friday September 8th- Closing applications

September 9th - 14th - Jury will choose the 3 Final Contestants.

Friday, September 15th - Final contestants announcement notification

Monday, September 18th - Scheduled interviews will take place with NBACE Admin to sign forms/waivers/contract and see space.

Friday evening, at 4:30 - October 6th and continuing through Sunday evening, October 8th at 8:30 p.m. Contestants must be available to produce their murals.

Saturday, October 14th ~  An evening Event at the Kilburn Mill will be held to Meet the Artists, See the Murals, for final voting and to announce the winners of the Popular vote for first, second and third place.  


Name of Applicant____________________________________________

Today’s Date ________________________________________________

Do you consider yourself a professional artist? _________________________

What is your usual medium? _____________________________________

Do you have a website? _________________________________________

If you are not an Artist, what is your current profession? __________________________________________________________

Date of Birth ____________________________

Home Address________________________________________________

Email address________________________________________________

Cell phone __________________________________________________

In case of emergency, who do we contact?


Cell phone for emergency contact:_______________________________

Current place of employment and position (title) or school attending and department: __________________________________________________________

2 Current non-family References:  Different from emergency contact.

Reference #1


How long have you known this person?___________________________

How do you know this person?____________________________________________________

Reference’s cell phone__________________________

Reference #2


How long have you known this person?___________________________

How do you know this person__________________________________

Reference’s cell phone__________________________

Check List:

Have you included your IMAGES?

Have you included all the required info per image for each image, clearly stating which info goes with which image?

Have you included your Biography (can be brief ~ 1 to 5 paragraphs).

Have you included your Experiential info listing or Resume or CV ?

Have you gone to our website (below)  and paid your Application Fee?

Are you guaranteed to be available on the weekend of October 6, 7 and 8 for set up, mural painting and clean up as well as on September 12th for an interview and on October 14th for the Award Ceremony?

Please check and initial.

September 12th ____________yes____________no

October 6, 7 and 8______________yes_____________no

October 14th ___________yes ___________no

IF you answered no on any question, please explain________________________________________________________________________________________________

Details and criteria for initial Jurying:

Our ultimate objective is to have an interesting and entertaining art experience for our participants and viewers, the general public. 

The exhibition will NOT be theme based, and will be opened to any and all positive images. 

Of those 3 artists selected, we will try to show the best of as many different genres and varied media as possible.

Based on the artwork submitted for initial jury, they will be assessed on the following elements of artistic expression in no particular order:

  1. Contestants must be available to complete their murals beginning on Friday evening, at 4:30 - October 6th and continuing through Sunday evening, October 8th at 8:30 p.m.
  2. The clarity, aesthetic quality and universal appeal of the subject to the viewer.
  3. Creativity, Uniqueness and Originality.
  4. Quality of artistic composition and overall design which may include detail, perspective, balance, color, content, proportion, lighting, technical skills and aesthetic and visceral enjoyment .
  5. Overall impression of the art. What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?
  6. Color and image quality.  Colors and images should be bold and balanced and must be able to be accurately and reasonably represented from the original thumbnail sketch submitted.
  7. Neatness and Respectability of images.  Sloppiness, incompletion, unless intentional and part of overall original submission, professional quality images.
  8. Timely completion of forms, deadlines, etc., respectful, professional attitude, behavior of artists and their staff at all times.
  9. Pieces will also be evaluated and ranked for recognition against other art that has been submitted.
  10. Ultimately, juried in pieces will be based on subjective decisions by the judges.

Choosing the 3 Juried Finalists  will occur during the week of September 4th - 8th.   Announcement will be made the evening of September 8th.


  1. Contact Administration Immediately upon hearing you’ve been chosen to enter the contest !  774 628 6415.
  2. Winners will be disqualified and your participation will be forfeited if not heard from within 48 hours of notification, a runner up choice of artists will be made.  2  additional contestants will be put on a waiting list and will be eager to take your place.
  3. Make an appointment ASAP with the Administration to come to The Kilburn Mill for your interview and to see the space where you will do your mural !!  First come, first served, so get in there as soon as possible !!
  4. Get your supplies together: If selected, the artist is responsible for obtaining all supplies and materials, equipment, ladders, brushes, paints, drop cloths, tape etc., personal snacks and beverages, lunches, volunteer assistants and basic needs.

Artist’s Responsibilities:

  • Artists must prep to protect surrounding space FRIDAY - October 6th from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. so as to not soil or damage any local public area, whether floors, ceilings, windows, moldings or walls.  Drop cloths, taping and all prep work must be in place before painting begins. Must have signature approval by Admin
  • Artist and work materials must not be left at the mural site between working sessions.  Each floor will have a designated area for you to store your supplies over night or you may take them with you.  Neither NBACE nor Kilburn Mill is responsible for ANY of your personal belongings or supplies and materials, including paints, tools, drop cloths etc.  A designated area will be available to store your supplies at the end of each day, or you may take them with you, but we do not recommend leaving them out in public areas. 
  • Mural must be sealed with an anti-graffiti sealant:  Recommended sealant is Mural Shield:
  • Complete clean up, removal and disposal of prep and supplies must occur by 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 8th.   Before photos will be compared to after photos.  All superfluous paint spots, tape, trash, any mess or unreasonable debris left behind will sadly disqualify you from winning the competition.  Admin will come by and OK you for the Signature process ! Once ok’ed, you may sign your piece (lower right corner).
  • Murals must not be signed until Admin comes by between 7:00 and 8:30 to OK you for completion and contest entry.  If you are finished earlier, please contact Administrator. 774 628 6415
  • Parking is the responsibility of the Artists and their crew.  Neither NBACE nor The Kilburn Mill are responsible for any issues concerning your vehicle during the time you are in or near the building for any reason including damage, theft, parking or moving violations
  • Meet the Artists, See the Murals:  on Saturday, October 14th at the Kilburn Mill.  We'll need you to be there !  

Medium Suggestions:

All murals will be painted directly on a wall.  The wall will be white, but if you choose to change that, you may do so or if you'd like you may paint a "frame" around your work outside of the 5 x7 foot format both at no extra compensation. 

Applicants may choose to submit ideas for murals in the following medium:

Paint (we recommend Acrylic tubes or house paint with a clear, archival sealant) or spray paint if you are experienced in its nuances:

Possible style ideas:


Classic (expressionist, impressionist etc.)

Pop Art



3D illusion





Optical illusions

Abstract (marks must be re-creatable from thumbprint to wall sized)

Graffiti style (marks must be reasonably re-creatable from thumbprint to wall sized)

Other Medium:

Collage - paper, image, may include fabric, threading, rope, light objects

Photo collage

Mixed media - if so, must be archival, no maintenance, and “fixed” with polyurethane

Electricity may not be used as part of a display.

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