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Chinese Calligraphy and Watercolor

Instructor:  Jason Charbonneau 

Ages: 15 up

Format:  3 hour workshop

Dates: Sunday, May 19th

Time: 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 

Course Fee: $45  -  Includes materials for usage during the class; tools, pigments, paper, brushes.  Kits available for purchase if you choose. 

Chinese Calligraphy and Watercolor

  • This is an excellent workshop for learning a little more about the Chinese culture, you'll practice concentration, hand eye coordination, skill building and making beautiful paintings.  In a short amount of time, you'll gain confidence and flow.  With intentional strokes, you'll learn to first write Hanzi ~ Chinese written "words" or characters also called Sinograms in English.  You'll begin by tracing on our special mats which will teach you to hold and use the special Xuan writing brushes; most made of goat, rabbit or weasel fur.  After practice, and gaining a bit more confidence, you'll move on to a cotton paper, then a rice paper to practice writing strokes.  When you feel ready, then you will paint simple brush stroke images like bamboo, cherry blossoms, cat and eye tails and koi.  

  • Jason has been interested in Chinese painting for over 20 years.  He began with an interest in writing Chinese Characters, and then progressed to brushstroke painting, and later to painting full inspired Asian inspired western influenced images.  He has an insatiable curiosity and is a lifelong learner.  Jason has been a professional state line painter most of his adult life and is a trained cabinet maker, home builder as well as a true outdoor enthusiast.   Besides Chinese calligraphy and watercolor, he also makes unique acoustic and electric cigar box guitars, also making and repairing traditional guitars, his interests also include, travel, history,  clay hand work, acrylic painting, film making, agriculture, wood carving and wood burning; Jason is a true Renaissance Man.


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