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Cigar Box Guitar Making

Instructor:  Jason Charbonneau

Ages: 15 up

Format:  3 - 4 hour workshop

Dates:  Saturday,  June 15th ~ FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL:  Bring your Dad, or Mum or your favorite role model with you; both for $125

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 (bring a bagged lunch/drink).

Course Fee:  $75.  All supplies and materials included ; Cigar box, neck, pre-cut wood, tuning pegs, strings, bridge, saddle, nuts, piezo pick up and jack (for amplification) hand saws, sand paper, files, drills, bits etc.  This workshop makes an excellent gift for anyone in your life !

Cigar Box Guitar Making

  • In this awesome workshop you will, by patient, hands on instruction, build your first very own fully functional, cigar box pluck and slide guitar !  Jason will guide you with individual attention and expertise.  Using a common cigar box as a body, you will construct a 3 stringed slide guitar using wood, strings, tuners, and everything necessary to make a playable instrument capable of acoustic sound or electronic amplification, you’ll sand, cut and drill your way into a new skill.  Each piece will be unique and hand structured with your own artistic style and flair.   We guarantee you’ll become addicted to this new endeavor and want to take it to the next level.  Good for anyone interested in woodworking, music, musical constructions and general creative endeavors.

  • Jason Charbonneau has been making and playing cigar box guitars for many years as a pastime.  He has been a professional state line painter for over 20 years,  is a trained cabinet maker, home builder as well as a true outdoor enthusiast.   Besides making and repairing guitars, his interests also include, travel, history, Chinese Water color, clay hand work, acrylic painting, film making, agriculture, wood carving, wood burning; Jason is a true Renaissance Man.


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