Piano Lessons !!  Adventures in Piano Styles

Instructor: Phil Zukas

Location: 148 Butler St., Home studio NB

Ages: 10 & up

FormatSTART ANY TIME ! Private piano lessons on a grand piano.  Class starts when you are ready !  You pay for 4 weeks at a time.  You choose time, 45 minute sessions.

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 4:30 OR 5:30 OR 6:30 call instructor to reserve your time

Fee:  $120.00 for 4 sessions !

Phone:  774 202 6848 call or text

Fee for 4 Weeks: $120.00

Piano Lessons !! Adventures in Piano Styles

  • The BEST and most affordable piano lessons in the area !  These weekly 45-minute lessons are one-on-one with the instructor on the grand piano at our home studio in New Bedford. First-come, first-served time slots to be determined with instructor, Please call 774 628 6415 to schedule with the teacher before registration. This 4 week introductory course will meet you where you are at the keyboard.  You may decide to continue and arrangements can be made.  Whether you have no piano experience at all or just haven’t found the right and/or affordable teacher, or have some background reading keyboard music, but still can’t play what you hear, your chance to learn to be a better player is now. For students of all ages, Phil will help you find middle C, place your fingers, do warm ups, explore the basics of keyboard harmony, listen to and imitate your favorite songs and discover a variety of interesting accompaniment styles. Improving the ability to make a connection between the music you hear and what tunes to play will strengthen your practice routines and piano techniques. Some music reading skills are helpful, but not required.