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Creative Writing Fun and Enriching

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd. NB. Kilburn Mill - Studio 2-60

Format :  2 Hour workshop

Ages: Adult

Date: On Going.  Meets every Tuesday.   Workshops begin the very Tuesday after you register.  

Time:   1:00 to 3:00

Fee:  $10.00 a session !  Pay for 4 sessions at once for convenience.  

Creative Writing Fun and Enriching

  • We have a great group going on !  You will love writing from your heart and your head, hearing other's stories, being a part of this group and all the benefits of writing regularly.  It will Boost your imagination, Release Stress, Express gratitude, feelings, hone your humor, work out situations, increase your intellect, and Release the inner writing beast within you ! You just need a little time, a little guidance, some prompts and an appreciative group setting to let it flow. Through fun and dynamic prompts and exercises, you’ll get revved up to write several short pieces each session by engaging motivational “light switches” to your creativity. Come prepared to scribble and scrawl your way into our hearts. If you wish, you may share your stories and your supportive and encouraging feedback with others. Make us laugh, make us cringe, make us cry, make us ponder. You’ve got it all in there, and you never know where it may lead. This class is all about positive reinforcement and is for everyone, the novice and the novelist. Bring pens, notebook, laptop (don’t forget the cord) whatever works best for you. This is a really fun and enjoyable group. Don’t be shy, join us and express all that beautiful, weird and wonderful self of yours.

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