Crepe Paper Lilies

Instructor: Eileen Riley

Ages: 15 & up

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd NB

Format: 3 hour workshop

Date:  Saturday,  August 20th 

Time:  1:00 to 4:00

Fee: $45 registration fee.  $10.00 materials fee payable in cash to instructor at start of class

Crepe Paper Lilies

  • These are remarkable little sculptures in their own right.  When folks see them in person, they are amazed at their life like quality.  Students will have their choice of colors. In this class we will trace, cut and shape the Lily petals and leaves using professional quality crepe paper, wire, paints, markers, pastels or craypas.  We will form the stamens with wire and then sculpt the stigma and stamens using sculpty clay and paints.  We will then assemble the flowers using glue, floral wire, and floral tape.   This is truly a unique and valuable skill, and can lead to years of beauty and creativity for you and anyone who learns it.