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Macrame Floating Shelves and a Key Chain !

Instructor: Carolyn Picanzo

Ages: 15 up

Format:  2 1/2 hour workshop

Dates: Thursday, July 11th

Time: 6:00 to 8:30 

Course Fee: $45 All materials included; rings, macrame roping, shelves, key chain findings, scissors, measuring tools, tape, instruction. 

Macrame Floating Shelves and a Key Chain !

  • Untie your burdens while tying knots !  Come and make 2 beautiful floating shelves, AND a cool and useful Keychain to keep or to share.  You'll learn several basic knots while creating these pieces, and if there's time, you'll create an awesome keychain or two.  Macrame is a textile making technique brought to the west from Arabic countries used for finishing rugs, shawls and tapestries.  It is as ancient as the Persians and Babylonians, and can be traced west as early as the 13th century.  Macrame uses several knots to form the basic shape and function of a desired piece. Each knot is created with your hands, and there are no other tools required other than a mounting ring to keep the item in place while you work. For something to be considered macrame, the project should incorporate at least one macrame knot. In most cases, macrame projects are pieced together with several knots. In some cases, you can have macrame elements joined with other techniques like weaving or knitting.  Come and discover the basic skill of this technique with infinite possibilities.  

  • Carolyn is a South Dartmouth native with extensive experience in all things art and craft related.  Carolyn is a lifelong crafter, she has gone through decades of trends as well as the classics within crafting and selling her wares at fairs and trade shows.  She is the former owner of several restaurants, day cares and boutiques, and is curently the owner of Artistic Design Originals where she makes and sells her creations.  She is also currently a teaching assistant at Quinn Elementary in Dartmouth, and is co-owner of The All American Lazer Works !!  There is no moss on this girl...unless she put it there with a glue gun!!  

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