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Micro-Greens - Grow your own Superfood !!

Instructor:  Jim Watkins

Ages: 12 & up

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd NB - Studio 260

Format: 1  hour workshop

Date:  Saturday, July 20th

Time:   10:00 to 11:30 

Fee:  $35  ~ All Materials included.  

Micro-Greens - Grow your own Superfood !!

  • In this workshop, Jim Watkins of Nurcha Foods (Our favorite FUN GUY !) will teach you the benefits of eating and of course growing microgreens.  Hands-on, you'll learn the techniques along with the health benefits of growing your own hydroponic microgreens in the convenience of your own home.  You will leave prepared to grow your own microgreens.


    What you'll learn:

    • Proper seed storage and care
    • Seed prep and cleaning
    • Basic care plan
    • Home automation option
    • How to harvest
    • Scaling your harvest up or down 

    Microgreens are nutritional powerhouses with loads of anti-oxidants and super easy to grow once you know the right conditions and methods to get gorgeous greens. As a bonus the first part of growing microgreens yields wonderful sprouts, so you can get two different kinds of nutrition from the same plants.  This hydroponic method is fast and simple as well as being super fresh when cut. 

    This hydroponic method is fast and simple as well as being super fresh when cut, even after 2 weeks of refridgeration.  Several varieties will be available for you to try as well as the seeds to get you started at the workshop including Arugula, Chia, Sunflowers, Spicy Mustard, Salad Mixes, Red Rambo Radish.

  • Jim Watkins, is the owner of Nurcha Foods LLC based in Fall River MA. He's been an avid gardener for almost two decades, has chaired the conservation committee of the Taunton Garden Club, and over a decade ago began to really be intrigued by the mushrooms he found growing in his yard. This led him down the mushroom growing rabbit hole, including running a Living Systems Lab for SCIL makerspace, where they grew mushrooms and even began work on combining mushroom growing with Aquaponics. In 2021 he left his full time Product Manager position to pursue his love of growing good, delicious, healthy food.

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