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Mosaic Plant Pots

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Ages: Adults

Format: 3 1/2 hour workshop

Date:  Wednesday,  MAY 15th 

Time:  10:00 to 1:30

Course Fee: $65 includes pots, adhesive, grout, sealer and ceramic shards glass bulls eyes, embellishments and tiles.  

Mosaic Plant Pots

  • These are incredible, for indoors or outdoors. In this workshop, you will learn to make mosaics by making one with a medium sized terra cotta pot.  Any larger, and we'll be here for days.  Mosaics date back to Mesopotamia !  You can still learn to make them today !  They're revered the world over as fine crafted works of beauty and can also be quite practical in use.   In this workshop, you'll learn to make these beautiful pieces and you'll never be without a gift to give or you'll never regret breaking another plate !!   We'll begin by covering a modest sized pot, once you learn the skill, you can do them as large as you like !  Purchasing mosaic tiles is quite costly and unnecessary so we prefer to recycle and to use broken shards of my own pottery, or beautiful patterned or textured pieces found in thrift stores.  It's fun breaking them up with a towel and a hammer, then finely shaping with tile and glass nippers !  We'll also use tile adhesive, grout, tools, knippers and the pots themselves.  Besides broken ceramics or tiles, you're also welcome to use glass boullions sea shells, sea glass, bits of decorative metal and such; in time, you'll be scouring the earth for possibilities.

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