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Mushrooms ~ Grow Your Own !!

Instructor:  Jim Watkins

Ages: 12 & up

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd NB - Studio 260

Format: 1 1/2 hour workshop

Date:  Tuesday, August 6th

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 

Fee:  $55  ~ Materials included.  Includes one spored 12x8x8 spored block  - Additional blocks available for $15 upon request.

Mushrooms ~ Grow Your Own !!

  • In this workshop, Jim (Our favorite FUN GUY !) will teach you the art of growing fungi in your very own home.  He will provide a few types of mushrooms, the variety of mushrooms available for the workshop will depend on what is available at the time. You'll be amazed at how easy, lucrative, convenient and just how cool it is to grow your own edible mushrooms.  Fresh mushrooms are so delicious, you'll hardly recognize them compared to the limited, kind of old ones you readily get in the grocery store.  This is a fantastic workshop geared toward teaching you the successes in growing the various kinds of possibilities in the world of FUNGI !!  Jim will provide you with ONE of your own blocks for growing  FREE with the cost of registration. (worth $30 on line !  and you will also be able to purchase additional blocks from him if you'd like at $15 each). 

    We'll cover in this course:

    • Brief history of mushrooms and their importance to our health and our planet's health.
    • The suggested varieties of mushrooms you can grow.
    • Various down and dirty ways to grow mushrooms from store bought or your own grown mushrooms
    • How to incorporate edible mushrooms into your garden or even your houseplants
    • How to fruit the ready to fruit block you'll be taking home
  • Jim Watkins, is the owner of Nurcha Foods LLC based in Fall River MA. He's been an avid gardener for almost two decades, has chaired the conservation committee of the Taunton Garden Club, and over a decade ago began to really be intrigued by the mushrooms he found growing in his yard. This led him down the mushroom growing rabbit hole, including running a Living Systems Lab for SCIL makerspace, where they grew mushrooms and even began work on combining mushroom growing with Aquaponics. In 2021 he left his full time Product Manager position to pursue his love of growing good, delicious, healthy food.

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