Neurographica Doodle Workshop

Instructor: Karen Zukas

Location: 101 West Rodney French Blvd. NB. Kilburn Mill - studio 2-60

Format : 2 Hour workshop

Ages: 15 to adult

Date: Monday July 18th or Tuesday, August 9th

Time: 10:00 a.m. to noon

Fee: $30  ~ See materials list  ~  SUMMER SPECIAL !!  Bring a friend for 50% off !!  

Neurographica Doodle Workshop

  • Let's face it folks, it's been a bizarre couple of years for most of us.  But now it's time to purge all the strangeness, release the quagmire that's been building up and start living again !!  This class will help you to regain your focus, filter out the built up frustrations, fears, anxieties and general malais and bring you to a place of peace of mind again !  No guarantees on all that, but it will certainly give you a sweet, guided experience of how to draw these beautiful, exotic, self propelled little masterpieces, and according to psycology, can and will help connect your brain synapses for a healing experience whether you subscribe to it or not.  You'll love every sweet minute of creating these, and they make lovely cards, gifts, or just keep making them and add them to your oeuvre of artistic work.  (I am not an art therapist, and by no means is this workshop meant as a therapeutic session, it is strictly a drawing experience which calls upon your intuition and instincts to direct the marks you therapy sessions begin at $125/hr.  I should be an art therapist !! ).