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Intro to Portrait drawing: Facial Features

Instructor: Karen Charbonneau Zukas

Ages:  All ages 13 and up

Format:  Three ~  2 hour classes

Dates:  3 Mondays in October !  16, 23 and 30 

Time:  1:00 to 3:30

Course Fee: $75.00 - Bring a drawing pad, and a table mirror.  All other materials are included !  

Intro to Portrait drawing: Facial Features

  • You will be so proud of yourself and the way you'll begin to see the intricacies in the perfect designs of the human features.  You'll learn to unravel the puzzle that is within features of the human sensory organs.  Perfecting the art of drawing facial features by practicing in real life is the only way to go !  We'll draw from life using your classmates or a mirror.  Ultimately, we will learn the positioning of the facial features and the uniqueness in which they become exclusively YOU !!  You'll be so pleased with the results you'll achieve in 3 short sessions.   Come and learn the basics of the human face in order to construct a final portrait in the end. We'll work on all the senses, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and finally the full facial features that make you emerge from the page !! You won't believe your eyes.  

  • Karen Charbonneau Zukas has been drawing since childhood.  Her renditions have won her full scholarships to several prestigious places, but she chose the School of the Museum of Fine Arts along with Tufts Univ. to learn the finest details of artistry and drawing.  She hasn't stopped since, and through life's distractions and endless other skill building experiences, she's never put drawing aside for long.  

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